One Large, Three Small Hand-blown Glass Jugs Created by Artisans at Hebron Glass Founded in 1890 in Hebron, Palestinian West Bank. Glass Shows Swirls of Blue and Some Tan Shades.

Research & Translation

We can assist you by:

  • Designing focus groups and needs assessments to inform program expansion.
  • Conducting research at the Library of Congress and National Archives.
  • Checking authors’ facts using Internet and hardcopy sources.
  • Translating Arabic and French expository and creative writing into English.
  • Transliterating Arabic letters into Roman ones while editing English.

Whenever I need an Arabic word translated or transliterated, Mary is right there. Her love for the language and sensitivity to Middle Eastern cultures and religions has been invaluable to me as an editor.  — Robin Surratt, Former Project Editor, CQ Press

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