Protractorial Monument to Volunteers by Patterson Clark. Wooden-Box Wallhanging Carved from Norway Maple with Mixed-Weed Paper and Chinese Wisteria Stem.

Program Design & Management

We can assist you by:

  • Coordinating health education, communications, and promotion workshops.
  • Organizing, publicizing, and raising funds for book launches and art exhibits.
  • Managing advocacy campaigns for local and global environmental health concerns.
  • Consulting on grassroots startups and volunteer programs.
  • Moderating public programs and leading training sessions.

When an Iraqi artist came to the United States as a refugee, Mary helped me organize his first exhibit. She spearheaded our publicity campaign, netting a huge catch: Susan Stamberg of National Public Radio. Mary’s knowledge of the Washington scene and her Arabic language and cultural skills made all the difference.  —Marjorie Ransom, Middle East Writer and Researcher

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