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Hank of Azure Blue Syrian Silk Yarn on Touareg (Royal and Violet Blue) and Omani (Blue-Black) Indigo Scarves to Accompany Sebold Communications Bamboo Pen Blog Post, Blue, the Color.

Blue, the Color

The mood. The hue of things Hellenic, Jewish, and Marian. Of Krishna and the Buddha’s peace of mind. Color code of health and health care, the United Nations. Blues. The music. The “beyond the seas” ultramarine of lapis lazuli and the blue-black indigo of cultivated woad and wilderness weed. Ice, Wedgewood, sapphire, royal, navy, and […]

Crate of Yellow Belgian Endive Heads from a Grocery Store to Accompany a Sebold Communications Bamboo Pen Blog Post, Scientific Names.

Scientific Names

While rifling through my cookbooks and botanical tomes to find information for the previous post (From Chicory to Coffee), I began to panic. What was the difference between Cichorium intybus and Cichorium endivia? Which did people drink and which did they eat? Was I dealing with a bunch of bitter balls of lettuce or a […]

Blue Chicory Flower Blooming Above Its Dandelion-like Leaves for a Sebold Communications Bamboo Pen Blog Post, From Chicory to Coffee.

From Chicory to Coffee

There it was in the field: blue enchantment. My grandmother was somewhere behind me, hidden by grasses body-tall. Her quick work was muffled by meadowlarks ground-nesting and spring-summer heat ululating, low. We were collecting teasles and milkweed pods, the natural bits she crafted into porcupines, rabbits, and little kings set before blackbird pies. Characters from […]

Islamic Calligraphy Practice Sheet Showing Teacher's Red Corrections and a Bamboo Pen to Accompany Sebold Communications Bamboo Pen Blog Post, Track Changes.

Track Changes

Islamic calligraphers say, “When the pen cries, the paper laughs.” Well, let’s just say both were crying in my case. Sobbing. And I was copying only the Arabic alphabet, certainly nothing holy. By the end of the class, my beautiful, burnished sheet was covered with the teacher’s perfect red letters and my carefully executed black […]

Dense Stand of Green Bamboo Stems, Closeup, to Accompany Sebold Communications Bamboo Pen Blog Post, From Bamboo to Pen.

From Bamboo to Pen

Somewhere near you, a stand of pens is growing. Quietly and quickly. All you have to do is look closely at your neighbor’s bamboo hedge, and you’ll see the pens, stacked end to end, greenish tan, like images in a seek-and-find picture puzzle. You might even see them grow. Bamboo stems, stretching, node to node. […]