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Word Cloud to Accompany Sebold Communications Blog Post on Setting Themes for Programs, Publications, and Businesses.

Setting Themes

Where Health, Environment and the Arts Meet is the slogan of Sebold Communications. It’s also the theme of my website and blog, the Bamboo Pen. The pen–chicory flower trademark graphically embodies my current work and writing, the way I see the world. Like you perhaps, I enjoy putting together different fields and arts and breaking […]

Yellow Ambulances Parked Outside Guy's Hospital, London. The Blue "Star of Life" Features the Staff of Asclepius. Photo Accompanies Sebold Communications Bamboo Pen Blog Post, Asclepius, His Staff and Snake.

Asclepius, His Staff and Snake

Spare the rod, or staff, and spoil the child? Not exactly. But Asclepius, who grew up to be the Greek god of medicine, was born into an all-too-human story of domestic violence and could have used his staff before birth to protect his mortal mother, Coronis, from his divine father, Apollo, the sun god. Even […]

Green Shieldbug Walking Across Green Berries on a Green Background (Three Shades of Green) to Accompany Sebold Communications Bamboo Pen Blog Post, Green, the Color

Green, the Color

The feeling. The hue of Ireland, Islam, and Indian mysticism. Of winter’s solstice and half Christmas. Color code of the environment and environmental movement, of Green Peace. Greens. Brood of blue and yellow. Malachite, emerald, and jade shades of majesty and yore. Chicory, moss, mantis, shamrock, olive, and pine—garden greens of peace and poetry. Green […]

Blue-Pencil Shaving to Accompany Sebold Communications Bamboo Pen Blog Post, Blue-Pencil, a Type of Editing that Focuses on Shortening Manuscripts.


\ˈbl-üˈpen(t)-səl\ vt Sometimes when we sit down to write, we realize we’ve researched a topic too much. We’ve uncovered lots of fascinating tidbits. Our heads are jammed with precious facts, like jewelry boxes brimful of lapis lazuli or chests bursting with indigo garb. However we can, we try to fit every detail into our first […]