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Closeup of Sharp Colored Pencil Tips to Accompany Sebold Communications Blog Post, Writer's Block? Practice Arts

Writer’s Block? Practice Arts

We all suffer from publish-or-perish these days. We’re often anxious, traumatized, blocked. We can’t write a word and for good reason: There are millions of blogs for billions of readers. Posts, e-books, white papers, and barely edited, barely professional popup journals pop up overnight, full of stuff. Maybe, we think, reading just one more thing […]

School Field Trip, an Arpillera, or Story Quilt, by Lisa Garlock Described in Sebold Communications Bamboo Pen Post, Art Therapist, Arpilleras Heal Trauma.

Art Therapist, Arpilleras Heal Trauma

If Lisa Garlock were to sew an arpillera (story quilt) of her life, it would necessarily be busy. In the upper left, she might start with a scene from her youth overseas, when she wanted to be a scientist. Still on the top half, she might incorporate a print illustrating her education as an artist at the […]

Jumble of black and white refrigerator magnets to Accompany Sebold Communications Bamboo Pen Post, Jargon and Spam Pollute Word Reefs

Jargon and Spam Pollute Word Reefs

Thanksgiving is almost here. So the poultry purveyor at my local market wrote to say that he would “defiantly have turkeys.” What a relief! Sadly, obviously, words aren’t his “strong suite.” Nor are they the special talent or concern of most people anymore. No one seems to care that words, like corals, are suffering and […]