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Word Cloud to Accompany Sebold Communications Blog Post on the Fields Where Health, Environment, and the Arts Meet.

Defining Where Health, Environment, and the Arts Meet

We’ve come to the twentieth entry in the Bamboo Pen. Sebold Communications has been in business for over a decade. This year, with first-rate help from Gallop Web Services, we redesigned our website to make it more responsive and useful to you, our clients and readers. To mark all three occasions, I’m taking time to […]

Large Oak Tree With Beautiful Branching Pattern, Taken From Behind and Including a Park Bench on a Rainy Day at the Beginning of Fall to Accompany Sebold Communications Blog Post, Still Blocked? Embrace Nature

Still Blocked? Embrace Nature

Sometimes practicing an art indoors just isn’t enough to unblock your writing. You have to take your drawing, your singing—your mind—outdoors. Imitate branches blowing in the breeze till you dance yourself to a sane standstill. Defer to the air. Put aside the pad and pencil, the poem notes on the “comely beetle, fair of feet.” […]