Welcome to Sebold Communications in Washington, DC! I’m Mary Sebold.

If you landed here, you already share our passion for global health, environment, and the arts. Like us, you often work where they meet.

We communicate the connections you see.

Your Story

Somewhere along the line, you noticed that the arts fostered health, environment, and development, that human health and the environment were inextricably linked. You saw a child’s mood improve when she drew. You heard a poem on air pollution that changed your life. You realized that human health depended on a healthy environment, a thriving, not ailing planet. Plants, animals, nature mattered. You came to believe that the arts, from sculpture to song, and world cultures, from monuments to celebrations, merited pursuit and preservation. They offered healing.

Now, you’re an epidemiologist, art therapist, environmental lawyer, relief worker, cultural anthropologist, or green artist. Maybe you work in a hospital and need someone to write a web page on the paintings lining the cancer ward. Perhaps you want an editor to go through your article on waterborne diseases before you submit it to an academic journal. Or maybe you’re in charge of a fair-trade crafts project and have only a few weeks to organize and publicize a workshop.

You’ve come to the right place. We can help with all of that.

Our Story

We started in the words business—in editing and teaching English, translating Arabic films, and selling books to libraries. While designing and promoting arts and cultural events on the Middle East, administering international environmental communications projects, and directing a center for homeless adults, we saw firsthand how effective the arts were in encouraging peace, environmental health, and mental and physical well-being. Twelve years ago, we decided to help practitioners and scholars in environmental health and arts in health, environment, and development through writing, editing, and program management.

We put it all together because no one else had:

  • ŸŸWe cater to professionals in health, environment, and the arts, especially to interdisciplinary organizations and individuals.
  • We understand the importance of quantitative and qualitative data because of our training in public health.
  • We enjoy editing manuscripts by authors who are not native speakers of American English like us.
  • We believe that public programs, like skillful writing and editing, are essential to communications.
  • We have an eye for design and an ear for other languages.

So relax. We’re on your side. If you face a deadline, find yourself blocked, feel communicating just isn’t your thing, visit our Services pages to learn more about how we work and what we can do for you. Or go directly to our Contact form to reach us. We’ll get back to you!