• Writing

    The Peacock’s Tail by Darien Reece | Smith Center for Healing and the Arts

    The Peacock's Tail by Darien Reece. Round Wallhanging Made of Peacock Features Showing a Peacock With a Bald Old Woman's Legs in Its Mouth. The Peacock is an Ancient Alchemical Symbol of Rejeuvenation.
  • Editing

    Ebola Virus Particles | National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease

    Magnified Bright Green Ebola Virus Particles on a Navy Blue Background.
  • Program Design & Development

    Protractorial Monument to Volunteers by Patterson Clark | Alienweeds

    Protractorial Monument to Volunteers by Patterson Clark. Wooden-Box Wallhanging Carved from Norway Maple with Mixed-Weed Paper and Chinese Wisteria Stem.
  • Research & Translation

    Ancient Secret Phoenician Vases | Ten Thousand Villages

    One Large, Three Small Hand-blown Glass Jugs Created by Artisans at Hebron Glass Founded in 1890 in Hebron, Palestinian West Bank. Glass Shows Swirls of Blue and Some Tan Shades.
  • Do you need to write a report on how art therapy improves child health?
  • Do you have to polish an article on how climate change worsens infectious disease?
  • Do you want to hold a workshop on how craft production empowers refugees?

Through writing, editing, programs, and more, Sebold Communications helps practitioners and scholars present their work on global health, environment, and the arts. We specialize in recognized interdisciplinary fields like environmental health and arts in health, environment, and development.

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